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Dynamics of Transcriptional Complexes

Group leader

Nadezhda Vorobyeva
Senior Scientist
Group Leader
Group of transcriptional complexes dynamics

Research interests:

Molecular mechanisms of transcription regulation,

multiprotein transcriptional complexes, development of Drosophila melanogaster


Investigation of protein complexes dynamics and functions during course of transcription regulation is a main direction of our study. Our main goal is to construct an experimental model of transcription activation process which would include a description of all its participants as well as their interconnections. We created and characterized an experimental system that allows to explore a mechanism of transcription activation of developmental Drosophila genes using cultured cells. With the help of that system we investigated molecular behavior of 20 different protein complexes during course of transcription activation. For 13 of them we also conducted a whole-genome investigation and determined their binding level with different regions of a genome. Basing on these experiments we composed a primary experimental model describing role of different transcriptional complexes in transcription activation of drosophila developmental genes. At present, we are working on experimental confirmation of the adequacy of our model for describing the activation of developmental genes in Drosophila tissues. We are also striving to find a few more unknown participants of this process.

Group members

Selected publications





Development of new approaches for gene-specific search for transcriptional regulators


Study of the impact of chromatin proteins in the functioning of Su (Hw) protein - a promising tool for the regulation of replication and transcription


Investigation of mechanisms of transcription regulation of ecdysone-dependent genes at different stages of development of Drosophila melanogaster