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  • Национальный проект "Наука и университеты"
  • Programmable RNA targeting by bacterial Argonaute nucleases by Lisitskaya et al.
  • Interaction between transcribing RNAP and Topo I prevents R-loop formation in E. coli by Sutormin et al.
  • Comparative interactome analysis of the PRE DNA-binding factors by Chetverina et al.
  • Structural basis for interaction between CLAMP and MSL2 by Tikhonova et al.
  • GNAT toxins evolve toward narrow tRNA target specificities by Bikmetov et al.



Institute of Gene Biology Russian Academy of Sciences

The Institute is the leading Russian research center in the field of molecular and cellular biology. Institute’s laboratories conduct basic and applied research in the regulation of gene expression, the spatial genome organization, epigenetics, etc.