• The twisted path of the 3D genome: where does it lead? by Razin&Kantidze
  • The role of SETDB1 in epigenome, 3D genome and chromatin mechanical properties by Zakharova et al.
  • Genome architecture at two stages of male germline cell differentiation in Drosophila by Ilyin et al.
  • RedChIP for RNA–chromatin interactions mediated by a particular protein by Gavrilov et al.
  • Nanobodies as useful tools for treatment of pollen allergy by Zettl, Ivanova et al.
  • Uncertainty estimation in computational gRNA design by Kirillov et al.



Institute of Gene Biology Russian Academy of Sciences

The Institute is the leading Russian research center in the field of molecular and cellular biology. Institute’s laboratories conduct basic and applied research in the regulation of gene expression, the spatial genome organization, epigenetics, etc.