• 3D genome & liquid-liquid phase separation by Ulianov, Velichko, Magnitov et al.
  • A Non-stop identity complex (NIC) supervises enterocyte identity and protects from pre-mature aging by Erez et al.
  • Structural basis of diversity and homodimerization specificity of zinc-finger-associated domains in Drosophila by Bonchuk et al.
  • Order and stochasticity in the folding of individual Drosophila genomes by Ulianov et al.
  • PpCas9 — a compact Type II-C Cas9 ortholog active in human cells by Fedorova et al.



Institute of Gene Biology Russian Academy of Sciences

The Institute is the leading Russian research center in the field of molecular and cellular biology. Institute’s laboratories conduct basic and applied research in the regulation of gene expression, the spatial genome organization, epigenetics, etc.