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Molecular Oncobiology

Group leader

Victor Tatarskiy
Head of Laboratory (Lab. of Molecular Oncobiology)

Research interests:

Mechanisms of tumor cell death, cancer molecular biology


The laboratory has been started in 2018 as a venue of the Megagrant «CDK8-mediated transcriptional reprogramming: interface of biology and medicine» with Professor I.Roninson, University of South Carolina, USA as Leading Scientist. Along with this project we investigate molecular mechanisms of tumor cell responses to various classes of low molecular weight compounds as transcriptional modulators. Our general direction is targeting of vital mechanisms for induction of eukaryotic cell death.

Group members

Selected publications




Government of the Russian Federation

CDK8-mediated transcriptional reprogramming: interface of biology and medicine


Fluorinated derivatives of dihydrobenzizoxasolones as inhibitors of HSP90 shaperone: design, synthesis and mechanisms of breast cancer cell death

Additional Information

The laboratory has been started with the idea of an in-depth investigation of approaches primarily initiated at the Laboratory of Tumor Cell Death at Blokhin Cancer Center. The new lab at IGB will focus on molecular mechanisms of responses of tumor cells and other cell types to a variety of extracellular cues, particularly therapeutic. Along with the problems investigated in the Megagrant, we collaborate with Université Auvergne at Clermont-Ferrand, France studying transcriptional regulation by RNA splicing, with Departments of Chemistry and Biology at Moscow State University, and with ITMO University at St. Petersburg (international laboratory of solution chemistry and advanced materials and technologies SCAMT).