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Group leader

Aleksey Krasnov
Ph.D., Dr.Sc.
Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Senior Scientist
Group Leader
Group of transcription and mRNA transport

Research interests:

Regulation of gene expression, NGS methods


We study the genes expression. We study DNA-binding proteins in the context of recruiting protein complexes to the regulatory elements of the genome and the regulation of transcription and replication. We are looking for new protein factors that interact with ENY2-containing protein complexes that are involved in all stages of transcription, from creating an open chromatin structure and initiating transcription to mRNA export from the nucleus to the cytoplasm.

The group is developing methods for analyzing NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) data for mapping transcription factor binding sites (ChIP-Seq and DIP-Seq), creating expression profiles (RNA-Seq), studying RNA-protein interactions (iCLIP) and ultra-sensitive detection of mutations (Duplex-Seq).

Group members

Selected publications


foundation title
RFBR Whole genome analisys of DNA-binding proteins by NGS and molecular barcoding
RAS The role of chromatin remodeling in the regulation of genetic processes