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Group leader

Artem Velichko
Ph.D., Senior Scientist

Research interersts:

chromatin, DNA repair, DNA replication,

transcription, cell signaling, epigenetics


Our long-term research interests involve two major areas: DNA damage response (DDR) and spatial genome organization (3D genome). Research of the group aims to characterize the DDR pathways and components that are activated in response to different cellular stresses. At present, the main focus of the group is studying new DDR pathways operating in the nucleolus and preventing ribosomal DNA instability. From the 3D genome perspective, we are interested in deciphering the role of the so-called weak biological forces such as liquid-liquid phase separation, molecular crowding, RNA environment, etc. in establishing and maintaining the spatial genome organization of the eukaryotic cell. We are also focused on the characterization of new epigenetic drugs capable to modulate gene expression by affecting the 3D genome. Our approach is highly interdisciplinary and relies on both conventional molecular and cellular biology techniques and cutting-edge technologies such as super-resolution microscopy (SIM, STORM, STED), and genome-wide studies (Hi-C, ChIPseq, RNAseq, etc.) and data analysis.

Group members

Selected publications





3D genome structure and stability, and technologies for its targeted modulation for basic research and translational science.


The mechanisms of hyperthermia induced cell sensitization to DNA repair enzymes inhibitors