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Group leader

Igor Goldman
Senior Scientist
Group Leader

Research interests:

Pharmaceutical industry of therapeutic and drug proteins, transgenesis


“Transgenebank” (Russian collection of genetic material) was organized on the basis of the Institute of Gene Biology RAS in 1995, registered in the Ministry of Education and Science as a Unique Scientific Facility (UNU), for depositing human and animal genetic material. "Transgenebank" actively participates in international scientific cooperation, conducts procurement and exchange of genetic material.

“Transgenebank” has deposited genetic material (protected by patents), including that created during the implementation of the Programs of the Union State. As part of "Transgenebank" there is a cryo-bank of sperm of experimental and pedigree goats, which is used to organize industrial herds of goats - producers of the human lactoferrin protein.

The “Transgenebank” has picked the world collection of various samples of lactoferrins, whose bactericidal activity is being studied against antibiotic-resistant pathogenic microorganisms.

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"Transgenebank" together with a small innovative enterprise IBG RAS ("LACTOFER" LLC) participates in the organization of output to the domestic and international market of pharmaceuticals based on human lactoferrin.