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Daria Kopytova
Senior Scientist
Group Leader
mRNA transport study group

Research interests:


We study the export of mRNA in eukaryotic cell , in particular, the TREX-2 /AMEX complex that we discovered in Drosophila melanogaster, as well as the proteins and protein complexes interacting with TREX-2 /AMEX at the stage of mRNA export to the nuclear pore.

One of the research directions is the identification of the role of PCID2 protein, one of the components of TREX-2/AMEX complex, in the export of mRNA and the study of PCID2-containing complexes involved in mRNA transport in the nucleus and cytoplasm. Another area of ​​research involves the study of the interaction of TREX-2 / AMEX proteins with the nuclear pore, and the identification of the mechanism by which TREX-2 /AMEX translocates mRNA through a nuclear pore.

In addition to studying the export of mRNA, we study the co-activator complex SAGA, which has acetyl transferase activity. In addition, due to the deubiquitinase module (DUBm) as part of SAGA, the complex deubiquitinylates the histone H2B. We showed that the DUB module proteins (ENY2 and Sgf11), in addition to participating in the activation of transcription, are also involved in other processes, being components of various complexes.

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Selected publications


foundation title
RAS Study of the participation of proteins of the TREX-2 complex in the transport of mRNA through the nuclear pore and in the cytoplasm
RFBR Involvement of proteins of the DUB module of the SAGA complex in the transcription of RNA polymerase III-dependent genes